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Church on the Rise

As a pastor I am always looking for good and accurate information about those things which are present dangers to the church.  Sometimes the truth is brought to light by contrasting it with error.  Pastor DeBruyn (Th.M., Dallas) has added valuable light to the already growing stack of books on the contemporary church.  The sub-title, […]

Those Vision Statements

Using the word “vision” these days is like Mother Hubbard’s dress, it covered everything and touched nothing.  But once a certain tool becomes popular, everyone has to have one.  In fact, these days if you don’t have a vision statement for what you are doing, you are surely a failure, a follower, or at best […]

What is Faith?

Machen wrote this defense of the fundamental faith of Christians in 1925, two years after his more famous Christianity and Liberalism.  If the old adage is true, “Read one older book for every two new books,” I would add “unless you read Machen.”  Then, you ought to read one of his for each modern book […]

The Dominance of Evangelicalism

I have been searching for a couple books by David Bebbington and this one happened to arrive in the mail first.  Bebbington is a Cambridge scholar who teaches in Scotland at the University of Stirling.  In this book he traces the rise of early evangelicalism in the UK and America during the rise of Liberalism […]

This Little Church Stayed Home

This is the sequel to Gary Gilley’s first book, This Little Church Went To Market.  I’ve met Gary and have observed that his heart and life are consistent with the words of these books.  This second book does three things:  It reviews postmodernism and shows its continuing influence on our lives; it presents a scriptural […]

Can We Rock the Gospel?

The sub-title of the book is:  “rock music’s impact on worship and evangelism.”  That objective is overwhelmingly explored and answered in this book.  Blanchard, who wrote Pop Goes The Gospel in 1983, and Lucarini, who wrote Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement in 2002, combine to bring a stunningly up-to-date look at the […]

Are Fundamentalists Legalists?

Before Dr. Pickering went home to be with the Lord he wrote, among the many books he authored, what I think may be his most important words to our generation.  The booklet is a reply to Charles Swindoll’s The Grace Awakening (1990, 1996).  Swindoll caricatures  Fundamentalists as being “squint-eyed legalists spying out and attacking another’s […]