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The Daring Mission of William Tyndale

This is a 2015 biography from Reformation Trust Publishing. Lawson is the series editor which includes biographies about John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Knox, Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, Isaac Watts, George Whitefield, and John Owen. This book falls into three parts: Chapter 1 gives a biography of Tyndale’s life, work, and death. Then Lawson departs […]

Alvah Hovey

Alvah Hovey (1820-1903) was the long-time professor then President of Newton Theological Institution in Newton, Massachusetts from 1849 to 1899. Hovey was from a Puritan family of farmers whose father was an influential and deeply religious man. Alvah took an early interest in Biblical, historical, and theological matters at an early age. He mastered several […]

Isaac Backus

Long ago, my husband Terry purchased a little known book, Pilgrims in Their Own Land by Martin Marty. I daresay that many of the saints profiled in the book are little known, yet their impact was great. One descendant of the Mayflower passenger Josiah Winslow broke new ground with other religious separatists in forming the […]