Author: Lucarini, Dan
Genre: Christian Living, Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Worship / Music

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This book is powerfully written from the perspective of a former contemporary praise and worship leader. It is Lucarini’s apology for the years he spent inside the CCM Movement acting as a “change agent” in several evangelical churches. He directs his criticism at those responsible for leading the CCM charge, not the average worshipper, and desires to stimulate respectful dialogue within the body of Christ. Lucarini is very effective as he documents his personal experience with the spiritual dangers, divisive attitudes, and non-biblical philosophies found within the CCM movement. His point of view is unique because he was also a rock music performer, arranger and composer before he became a believer. He answers questions such as: Isn’t music amoral? Isn’t this just a matter of personal preference and taste? Didn’t Martin Luther and the Wesleys use contemporary music in church? Doesn’t God accept us as we are? Lucarini asks the reader for a fair and complete reading of the book before any judgment is made. Take up the challenge! Read the book!

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(reviewed by Ann  Shrader)

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