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It’s Not About The Music

This is Dan Lucarini’s third book.  His first book, Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement, had an immediate impact on today’s worship wars.  His second book which he co-authored with John Blanchard, Can We Rock The Gospel, was an even better detailed analysis of CCM and its effects on the church.  This book […]

Can We Rock the Gospel?

The sub-title of the book is:  “rock music’s impact on worship and evangelism.”  That objective is overwhelmingly explored and answered in this book.  Blanchard, who wrote Pop Goes The Gospel in 1983, and Lucarini, who wrote Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement in 2002, combine to bring a stunningly up-to-date look at the […]

Why I Left the Contemporary Chrisitan Mu...

This book is powerfully written from the perspective of a former contemporary praise and worship leader. It is Lucarini’s apology for the years he spent inside the CCM Movement acting as a “change agent” in several evangelical churches. He directs his criticism at those responsible for leading the CCM charge, not the average worshipper, and […]