Author: Schaeffer, Francis
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

After twenty years I picked up Schaeffer’s book again.  I am more in a quest for true spirituality than ever before.  When I first read Schaeffer I was thrilled by his intellectual approach to a post-Christian (his term) America.  I still think he was a prophet before his time in this regard.  His warning about the improper use of methodology (p. 171-173) was amazingly insightful.  His approach to spirituality, as he distinguished positional from progressive sanctification, was to go further back to our creation by a Creator and the basis for a human being walking as a personality before a personal God.  A lost man only has a focal point in his own head and is therefore truly ignorant of truth and reality.  A believer has his Creator for his focal point and, though he may be of only average intelligence, knows true truth.  Spirituality to Schaeffer is the born again man having fellowship with his Creator Who made him for this fellowship.  This is the only kind of success the church has any business in.

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