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True Spirituality (Again)

After twenty years I picked up Schaeffer’s book again.  I am more in a quest for true spirituality than ever before.  When I first read Schaeffer I was thrilled by his intellectual approach to a post-Christian (his term) America.  I still think he was a prophet before his time in this regard.  His warning about […]

The God Who Is There

IVP has done a 30th anniversary edition of this classic apologetic. I reread the book to search for things I had forgotten and found it to be as fresh as if Schaeffer had written it this year. What he continually calls “the new theology” (in 1968) is exactly what we are seeing as accepted theology […]

True Spirituality

This is one of those books by Schaeffer that I had missed reading when we were all reading Escape from Reason, How Shall We Then Live?, and The God Who Is There. In this book (first printed in 1971, containing 180 pages) Schaeffer applies the apologetic emphases of his other books into a practical guide […]

The Church at the End of the 20th Centur...

I read this 1970 book along with the previous book. I give Schaeffer credit for consistency of conviction over the years. This is more of a historical and cultural study of our generation.   Schaeffer calls for a cultural revolution built on truth. ‘‘But we must not align ourselves as though we are in any camp […]

The Great Evangelical Disaster

This 1984 book by Schaeffer is a needed book, especially for the generation to whom he writes. I think that the last ten years would not make the author glad if he were still alive. In ‘84 he called the great evangelical disaster ‘‘the failure of the evangelical world to stand for truth as truth. […]