Author: White, James R.
Genre: Theology - Soteriology
Tags: Doctrine / Theology, Faith, Grace

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

The sub-title of the book is “A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free.”  I reviewed Geisler’s book in the July, 2001 issue of Aletheia to which I gave a favorable review because I like Geisler’s position.  I have liked White’s material before, but I don’t hold his extreme position on Calvinism (the book is foreworded by R.C. Sproul) and I think he unfairly represents Geisler as shallow. Geisler’s sin is in being “contradictory to the historic Reformed position” (well!). I am sure Geisler will answer this book soon and we can read for ourselves.

Quotes from this book:

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