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A Boisterously Reformed Polemic Against ...

I ordered this book after seeing a review by a friend. Austin Brown calls himself a “Classically Moderate Calvinist” who does not hold to limited atonement. He is writing against “strict particularists” or hyper-Calvinists who, of course, do hold to limited atonement. I fully agree with Brown’s position on atonement, that Christ’s death is sufficient […]

A Castle of Cards?

Are you ever discouraged because of your circumstances and have turned really pessimistic? I am not talking about having a “glass half-empty” but more of a  “glass bone dry” kind of attitude.  What do we do at that point? How do we wade through those difficult times? How do we get out of such pessimism? […]

Saving Faith

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 1996 issue of The Baptist Preacher under the title, “Why are there pious pretenders in the pews?” In exalting faith, we are not immediately putting ourselves in contradiction to modern thought. Indeed faith is being exalted very high today by men of the most modern type. But what […]

Foxes Book of Martyrs

I don’t like abridged versions of important books but sometimes it helps to be able to read through a history quickly to refresh one’s memory.  John Foxe (1516-1587) lived through the terrible times of “bloody” Mary Tudor of England.  He researched his book partly in exile on the continent and partly in the UK speaking […]

The Holy War

John Bunyan was first imprisoned in 1660 for twelve years in the county jail during the reign of King Charles II, the grandson of King James.  After a short release he was imprisoned again for a brief time in the city gaol on the river bridge.  During these years Bunyan was writing and planning five […]

Faith Undone

My first read of Roger Oakland’s writings was a surprisingly good one.  The subtitle of the book is:  “The emerging church…a new reformation or an end-time deception.”  Oakland pulls no punches in identifying the Emerging Church movement as a threat to the true church of Christ.  It is well documented and full of current material […]

What is Faith?

Machen wrote this defense of the fundamental faith of Christians in 1925, two years after his more famous Christianity and Liberalism.  If the old adage is true, “Read one older book for every two new books,” I would add “unless you read Machen.”  Then, you ought to read one of his for each modern book […]

The Potter’s Freedom

The sub-title of the book is “A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free.”  I reviewed Geisler’s book in the July, 2001 issue of Aletheia to which I gave a favorable review because I like Geisler’s position.  I have liked White’s material before, but I don’t hold his extreme […]