Author: Chesterton, G.K.
Genre: Biography
Tags: Catholicism

Admin‘s Review:

To be honest, I bought this book because I have determined to read whatever I can by G.K. Chesterton.  And, again, I was not disappointed!  As a bonus, I learned more about the founder of the Franciscans and the whole monastic movement.  If you can accept the fact that this is written by a Catholic about a Catholic, you will enjoy this interesting story about history and human life.   In addition, the second chapter, “The World St. Francis Found,” will be more than worth the price of the book (less than $10).  Chesterton gives his perspective on the Crusades and why they happened.  He argues, as I have read others argue, that the Crusades, as well as the monastic movement, were necessary to save Christian civilization.  Interesting!

Quotes from this book:

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