Author: Lewis, C.S.
Genre: Theology - Bibliology
Tags: Bible

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

If you are a C.S. Lewis reader, try Reflections On The Psalms which is a literary look at some of the common difficult phraseology in the Psalms.  Lewis often digresses to modern-day application, which, of course is why you might read the book.  How do you take those cursings in the Psalms to reflect God’s character?  A look at Hebrew use of literature might be enlightening.

Quotes from this book:

C.S. Lewis on Anger

“Thus the absence of anger, especially that sort of anger which we call indignation, can, in my opinion, be a most alarming symptom. . . . If the Jews cursed more bitterly than the Pagans this was, I think, at least in part because they took right and …