Author: Lewis, C.S.
Genre: Theology - Apologetics
Tags: Culture / Worldview, Evangelism / Outreach

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

I know that I have reviewed a lot of books by Lewis lately and I admit I enjoy traveling in Lewisiana.  You must realize from the start that you are reading a philosopher  (a fact you cannot miss) and you will enjoy the journey much better.  The fact is, that few contemporary writers both think and express profound thoughts with such clarity and style.

I recommend this book for the reader who would like to sample Lewis on a number of different topics, each of which is not terribly long (though you may wish some were).  Included are topics such as miracles, prayer, translations, Christians in politics and many like The Pain of Animals which are truly unique.  Most are written as a defense of theism and Christianity.

I want to quote the paragraph which includes the title to the book as an example of what the book is about.

“The ancient man approached God (or even the gods) as the accused person approaches his judge.  For the modern man the roles are reversed.  He is the judge: God is in the dock.  He is quite a kindly judge: if God should have a reasonable defence for being the god who permits war, poverty and disease, he is ready to listen to it.  The trial may even end in God’s acquittal.  But the important thing is that man is on the Bench and God in the Dock.”

Also, in conjunction with my articles this month, “Our business is to present that which is timeless in the particular language of our own age.  The bad preacher does exactly the opposite: he takes the ideas of our own age and tricks them out in the traditional language of Christianity.”

Quotes from this book:

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