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Post Christian

Post Christian by G.E. Veith

I have read Gene Edward Veith, Jr. since I first learned of postmodernism from his book Postmodern Times in 1994. Veith considers this book to be a follow-up of the previous work. He has also written numerous other books on related subjects. This is a 2020 book and is a great update on the current […]

The Vanishing Word

This is a Focal Point Series book of which Gene Edward Veith, Jr. is the general editor.  The subtitle of the book is “The Veneration of Visual Imagery in the Postmodern World.”  Hunt takes the reader from the world of the Scriptures, given in verbal form, to the Reformation and then to the modern day.  […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Go...

Rob Bell’s newest book is out, though without the hype that accompanied his last book. We gave a full article to reviewing Love Wins when it came out in early 2012, we gave an article to Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity, and we gave another article to the theological method (narrative theology) that […]

A New Kind of Christian

Though this book was written in 2001, I wanted to read it first before I read A New Kind of Christianity, which was published in 2010 (same publisher and year as Rob Bell’s Love Wins).  A couple books by McLaren was enough for me but we need to know what those who are denying the […]

Velvet Elvis

Velvet Elvis was written in 2005 and is Bell’s first book. This book  is as clear a statement on the theology and theological method of Bell as there is. It also includes a clear discussion regarding his views of heaven, hell, and salvation (see chapter 6) which appear in Love Wins. I am a little […]


I noticed this book in the footnotes of a number of books I was reading and decided to pick it up and read it.  This is a classic discussion by an influential American university professor (Toulmin, 1922-2009) about the failures of modernism and a way forward.  Toulmin’s development of modernism is captivating and easy to […]

Faith Undone

My first read of Roger Oakland’s writings was a surprisingly good one.  The subtitle of the book is:  “The emerging church…a new reformation or an end-time deception.”  Oakland pulls no punches in identifying the Emerging Church movement as a threat to the true church of Christ.  It is well documented and full of current material […]

The Great Worship Awakening

This is a 2002 book by the pastor of a large Presbyterian church in San Antonio and former professor at Fuller Seminary.  It is a defense of the blended worship module with a strong kinship to the convergence movement.  The sub-title is:  “Singing a new song in the postmodern church.”  Redman always quotes Robert Webber […]

The Truth War

This new book by MacArthur does a great service to conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists alike, regardless of your various points of disagreement with its author.  MacArthur uses the book of Jude as his text and speaks out on the apostasy within the churches today.  He defines and warns of postmodernism and its latest representative, emerging […]