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Truth or Consequences

The subtitle is:  the promise & perils of postmodernism.  I have enjoyed and learned from Erickson’s writings on postmodernism.  This is probably his most detailed and philosophical work on the subject.  It is not a place to begin working on the subject of postmodernism but it certainly is profitable reading for those who have already […]

The Church on the Other Side

The first edition of this book was titled, Reinventing Your Church.  You can tell by my use of this book in this month’s article that I think McLaren is off base.  He looks at postmodernism as a missed opportunity to reinvent the church in a totally new light.  Even our theology ought to be re-evaluated […]

The Postmodern World

Erickson is best known as a theological writer.  He has written quite a lot on postmodernism and I have appreciated what he has had to say.  This latest book (2002) is a little different approach in that he uses current scenarios to present the dilemma of our culture and then comments on each one.  I […]

Postmodern Pilgrims

Sweet has become a popular author and speaker on reaching the postmodern culture for Christ.  For me, Sweet is too accommodating to the culture and this approach is a good example of “you win them to, what you win them with.”  To Sweet, “the church is stuck in the modern freezer” and “they stand the […]

Neitzsche and Postmodernism

Some of the best helps in understanding subjects like postmodernism can be found at the local secular bookstore.  This little book gives a gruesome (and sometimes sordid) picture of the 19th century’s most famous philosopher.  The cover even describes Nietzsche as an “Anti-Christ” philosopher.  He surely laid the foundation for much of what happened in […]

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

In my own readings in apologetics, especially in the area of atheism, few names in recent history stand out more than Nietzsche.  There are many good biographies, long and short, on this well-known atheist of the nineteenth century, but if you are one who likes to get a taste of a man’s actual writing, I […]

From Modernism to Postmodernism

This large book (over 700 pages) is called “an anthology” because it contains 42 articles by various authors from Modern through Postmodern times.  If you would like to read actual postmodern writers (and not just those who write about them) but don’t have time to wade through their individual books, this is a great place […]

Unriddling Our Times

I read all the books by Os Guinness that I see. This book is sub-titled “Reflections on the Gathering Cultural Crisis.” It is a trilogy of stories that reflect the words of twentieth century voices that have cried out to our generation to heed the dangers. Reinhold Schneider, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Shirley Jackson are three […]


The only thing worse than those who evaluate postmodernism is postmodernism itself. Derrida has been the leading postmodern thinker of our time, especially in France and Europe. His “Grammatology” is the foundation for saying that language, written or spoken, never passes on to the reader or listener anything that can be called “fact” because words […]