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Post Christian

Post Christian by G.E. Veith

I have read Gene Edward Veith, Jr. since I first learned of postmodernism from his book Postmodern Times in 1994. Veith considers this book to be a follow-up of the previous work. He has also written numerous other books on related subjects. This is a 2020 book and is a great update on the current […]

Loving God with all Your Mind

I have always enjoyed reading Gene Veith.  He was the first to introduce me to postmodernism back in the early 90s.  Somewhere along the line I missed this 1987, 2003 book.  The sub-title is:  Thinking as a Christian in the Postmodern World.  Veith uses Daniel as his primary example of someone who was forced to […]

The Spirituality of the Cross

In a world of information, when we learn good things from a number of sources, it is good to be pulled back to the reality of basic doctrinal beliefs.  Such was my disappointing experience from reading this book.  I cut my teeth on postmodernism ten years ago by reading Postmodern Times by Gene Veith and […]

Christians in a .com World

I always enjoy reading Gene Veith (now a senior writer for World magazine).  My first exposure to Postmodernism was through him and he always seems to relate current culture to the Christian viewpoint.  This book is an information book on the history of the Information Age and the blessings and curses of computers.  The evangelistic […]

Reading Between the Lines

This book is in the running for topping my “best book I’ve read this year” list.  Even though this book was written in 1990, and I have read three others written by Veith since then, this one is still a must read. The sub-title is A Christian Guide to Literature and it is just that!   […]

State of the Arts

This is the third book I have read by Gene Veith and I have yet to be disappointed. They are always informative and have a unique Christian insight.   This book is for the layman in the field of art.  It is not until we at least attempt to understand what God intended for art to […]

Modern Fascism

I have thought for a long time that the fall of the Roman Empire is not as important to modern America as is Nazi Germany. Think of that great nation with a Christian Reformation heritage. It only took the right kind of man at the right time to produce Nazi Germany. I made a list […]

Postmodern Times

As I have written in this month’s article, ‘‘postmodern’’ describes the times in which we live. This is a 1994 book and none of the books in the footnotes on this subject date before 1989. Veith presents a sobering and thought-provoking look at ourselves, especially in America. He quotes Princeton theologian Diogenes Allen saying, ‘‘A […]