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America’s Expiration Date

This is a 2020 book by Cal Thomas, a well-known evangelical syndicated columnist. The title expects more than it delivers. Thomas is not setting a date but is interacting with historian Sir John Glubb, a WWI British veteran. In 1976 he wrote, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival.  “Sir John asserted we refuse to […]

Blinded By Might

Here is an interesting look back at the Moral Majority days in which both of these men were involved.  With no malice toward those in charge, it is their opinion that direct involvement in politics by Evangelicals and Fundamentalists basically failed.  For all of the work for more than a decade, that work was overturned […]

The Things That Matter Most

I have always appreciated Cal Thomas for being in the main stream media and yet speaking out for his obvious faith in Christ. In this book he even gets Rush Limbaugh to admit the same in the foreword.   The slant of this book is unique. As he puts it, ‘‘This is a book that recalls […]

Uncommon Sense: A Layman’s Briefing Book

George Will called Cal Thomas a ‘‘moral environmentalist.’’ Thomas is a Christian editorialist who has gained the respect of the political arena. I rely on him to give a Christian perspective of current events and issues.  This is a 1990 edition that contains a number of writings on moral issues from abortion to Israel. It […]

The Death of Ethics in America

Cal Thomas is one of those unusually blessed writers who is able to keep his head above the water in the secular world of editorialists. Besides his daily wisdom as a Los Angeles Times Syndicated Columnist, he has written books which challenge our thinking toward our own generation.  Though this book was written before the […]