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Apostasy, Then and Now

I think we have finally gotten over any love of Halloween in our churches.  That pagan holiday with its ghosts and goblins, witches and broomsticks, can thankfully be gone from our church calendars.  I don’t know of any Christian church that celebrated it this year.  When the origins of customs remain unknown and harmless (such […]

The Wiles of the Devil

Few studies in the Bible have greater impact on our lives than knowing our arch enemy, Satan.  In our little world of empires and dictators, nuclear weapons and terrorists, space travel and internet, we often forget that the Scripture tells us “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the […]

The Holy War

John Bunyan was first imprisoned in 1660 for twelve years in the county jail during the reign of King Charles II, the grandson of King James.  After a short release he was imprisoned again for a brief time in the city gaol on the river bridge.  During these years Bunyan was writing and planning five […]

Shaken Not Stirred

Fisher is a pastor and mathematics instructor.  He became concerned about the plague of alcohol that has ruined so many lives and families that he did extensive study on the subject, especially wine in the Bible.  Fisher’s conclusion is that a believer should never use alcoholic beverages, socially or in moderation.  I agree.  He also […]

Can God Stop Evil?

Can God Stop Evil? By Rick Shrader   rhaps the most frequently asked question by skeptics today is why God allows evil to exist.  From the holocaust to Columbine to 9-11, it has become more common and even acceptable to question why a good God allows human beings to suffer.  In 1965 Stewart Zabriskie wrote, […]

The Nicolaitans Today

The job of doing Bible exposition not only involves interpretation (finding what the passage means) and illustration (highlighting the meaning with real life situations) but also application (exhortations to action based on the truths found in the text).  The application of a text can easily be ignored because this is the harder thing to do.  […]