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Christian Theology in Plain Language

I have always enjoyed reading Bruce Shelley.  He was the long-time professor of church history at Denver Seminary and we lived in Denver near the seminary for a long time.  This book (1985) is written more for the layman than for the theologian or even the pastor.  Whereas I enjoyed his sequel, Church History in […]

The First Fundamental: GOD

I’ve always enjoyed Robert Lightner’s books.  I bought this 1973 edition in the FaithBaptist Bible College bookstore on the markdown shelf.  The bonus is that this book is personally signed by Lightner and adressed to George Houghton, and also has Dr. George’s signature in it.  I tried not to mark it up too much.  How […]

Theologies of the 21st Century

This is an update (2014) on Smith’s earlier edition, A Handbook on Contemporary Theology, published in 1992.  These are helpful summaries of various contemporary theological movements and trends.  The new version repeats some of the earlier ones with updated material, yet has new additions such as a history of theology from the Enlightenment, theologies of the […]

The Chronological life of Christ, Vol. 2

I read this book on Kindle for an online class.  The two volumes were first printed in 1996 and 1997.  Volume 2 takes the reader through the passion week of Christ unto His ascension.  It reads like a harmony of the gospels with a few paragraphs of comments after each section.  It is basically sound, […]

Easter Enigma

This is a 1992 book on the chronological problems that revolve around the resurrection of Jesus.  The supposed descrepencies in the gospel accounts have caused many to doubt the veracity of the gospels.  Wenham concludes that these can be reconciled in a good manner which retains the integrity of the four gospels.  Wenham will include […]

A Short Life of Christ

Everett F. Harrison wrote this book in 1968 and it was published by Eerdmans. Harrison’s purpose for writing is to give an overall picture of Christ’s life but not dwell too much on the details.  Harrison seems to be conservative in his basic positions on Christ i.e., His deity, atonement, and bodily resurrection and ascension.  […]


“Don’t forget, doctrine never impresses the unregenerate world.  Those who do not know Christ couldn’t care less if you and I cross our theological t’s and dot our existential i’s properly.” Donald Grey Barnhouse, Thessalonians, an Expositional Commentary, p. 50.

J.M. Frost

“Our people are as stout as the stoutest in holding fast and true the great doctrine of election with its coordinate doctrines, and yet are nothing behind the most earnest in emphasizing the freedom of the will, and in proclaiming the gospel as the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.” J.M. Frost, […]

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Mal Couch is a good dispensational pretribulational premillennialist.  We usually find him writing on prophetic subjects.  In this study of the Holy Spirit he takes the reader through the Old and New Testaments book by book reviewing the various teachings on the Holy Spirit in each book and each age.  The more controversial views would […]

Gospel Reset

Ken Ham has become the leading figure in Biblical creationism and rightly so.  His Creation Museum and Ark projects are fantastic displays of Biblical testimony to an early earth creation.  This little book is a proposition from Ham that the church is out of step with the presentation of the gospel in our day.  He […]