Author: Wenham, John
Genre: History
Tags: Doctrine / Theology, History / Story / Narrative

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a 1992 book on the chronological problems that revolve around the resurrection of Jesus.  The supposed descrepencies in the gospel accounts have caused many to doubt the veracity of the gospels.  Wenham concludes that these can be reconciled in a good manner which retains the integrity of the four gospels.  Wenham will include his own views on some people and things which are possible but not definite.  For example, he believes that Mary Magdalene was the same person as Mary the sister of Martha, and also is the same sinful woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair in Luke 7.  He admits that this cannot be proved but helps reconcile some of the story details.  I’m not at all convinced but it doesn’t detract from the profitability of this book.  Wenham’s reconciling of the resurrection appearances is very helpful.

Quotes from this book:

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