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Killing Patton

I have purposed to read all of the O’Reilly “Killing” books. I have enjoyed all of them except Killing Jesus. Having taught Life of Christ for years I simply couldn’t look at a human-only Jesus with any satisfaction. But besides that one, I have enjoyed the books. This was my favorite because I’ve always had […]

Blood Feud

My only interest in this book is that I, as an American citizen, am concerned about the leadership of our country.   The book is captivating for sure, and also plenty disgusting. If half the things Klein describes are true it is a scandal of epic proportions. The problem with the book is that Klein gets […]

Things That Matter

We have all been encouraged by the life story as well as the writings of this conservative commentator. For the Christian, there are a few things that cannot be accepted. Krauthammer does not believe that life begins at conception (p. 200) nor does he believe that creation is acceptable science (p. 210). However, his essays […]

Killing Kennedy

I am reading the trilogy by O’Reilly of Killing Lincoln, which I enjoyed very much, Killing Kennedy, which I finally enjoyed at the end, and, later this year, Killing Jesus, which I am in doubt about.  Kennedy was a unique American President, of which there is no doubt.  He was the first Catholic president coming from a well-to-do […]

The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent

The alarming growth of Islam around the world and especially in the United States is a subject of interest to all Christians.  Lutzer does his usual good job of documenting the rise of Islam with its government of Shariah Law, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its goal of eventual takeover of the whole world in the […]

The Reformation In England

The English Reformation isn’t as popular as the German, Swiss, or even the Scottish Reformations.  There you have singularly interesting figures like Luther, Calvin, and Knox.  In England you have characters like Henry VIII and Bloody Mary, but you also have Cranmer, Ridley, and Latimer and others who lost their lives in the reformation process.  […]

How Christians Should Relate to Governme...

I read the Kindle version of this book.  I find that when I do that, my reading can get interrupted by several days or even weeks (because I’m also reading one or two other books on the same device).  For the most part I enjoyed Grudem’s thoughts and points on Christian involvement in government.  I […]

The Question of Freemasonry and the Foun...

I’ve only recently found a few of David Burton’s books recommended to me by a friend.  I learned a lot from this short book on the Freemasons.  Burton’s premise is that America’s founding fathers were not as involved in Freemasonry as many would have us believe, and that those who were, were not involved very […]