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Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“Wine—alcohol—as I have already reminded you, pharmacologically speaking is not a stimulant; it is a depressant . . . What alcohol does is this; it knocks out those higher centers, and so the more primitive elements in the brain come up and take control; and a man feels better temporarily.  He has lost his sense […]

Should Christians Drink?

I’m adding one more book to my already growing shelf of books on Bible wine and the Christian.  I admit unapologetically that I abstain from any use of alcoholic beverage.  I favor the two-wine theory of Bible wine, but I have no problem with the approach Masters and others take, that the wine in the […]

Wine-The Biblical Imperative

I was loaned this copy of Robert Teachout’s book.  It is difficult to find and usually expensive.  This is the (1983) book version of his Th.D thesis at Dallas Seminary, “The Use of ‘Wine’ in the Old Testament.”  He was among the more recent conservatives to challenge the “moderation” view of wine in the Bible.  […]

Grape Juice in the Bible: True or False...

It has been my privilege to read this engaging pre-publication manuscript of the upcoming book.  I met Brother Teachout by email after quoting his brother Robert’s dissertation on Bible Wines.  Brother Teachout gives a moving personal testimony of how he came to the conviction that much of the “wine” in the Bible refers to grape […]

Shaken Not Stirred

This 2005 book is written by a pastor and father of two children.  This is written from a pastor’s heart who cares deeply about the growing problem of alcoholism in our country.  I would recommend this book for the layman’s first read.  It is well researched and places the historic information in language easier to […]

The Bible and Its Wines

This book was first printed in 1985 in nice hardback cover.  Ewing was the president of the Evangelical Church Alliance and pastored in Ferndale, Michigan.  The preface to the book is done by Earl Dodge of the National Prohibition Party, Denver, Colorado.  My copy was signed by Dr. Dodge to my father-in-law, Dr. Peter Slobodian.  […]

Bible Wines

This older book was originally written in 1871 in support of the Temperance movement.  Patton is almost always quoted by later writers because of his valuable collection of ancient authorities on wine.  I found his discussion of how fresh juice was preserved, and how the word is used consistently in Scripture very helpful.  He is […]

Wine in the Bible

Samuele Bacchiocchi is a Seventh Day Adventist who defends his Adventist point of view in many books.  However, on this “neutral” subject I found him very helpful.  In fact, he borrows heavily from  Robert Teachout.*  Teachout also endorsed the book before Bacchiocchi added a chapter commending Ellen White.  His historic information on wine is excellent, […]

Bible Wine

The subject of whether or not a Christian should drink alcoholic beverages may be today’s most controversial Christian subject, especially among younger believers.  John MacArthur just posted an article on his website titled, “Beer, Bohemianism, and True Christian Liberty,” which begins, “If everything you know about Christian living came from blogs and websites in the […]