Author: Masters, Peter
Tags: Bible Wines

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

I’m adding one more book to my already growing shelf of books on Bible wine and the Christian.  I admit unapologetically that I abstain from any use of alcoholic beverage.  I favor the two-wine theory of Bible wine, but I have no problem with the approach Masters and others take, that the wine in the Bible was simply much weaker than wine today and really cannot be compared to its counterparts today any more than slavery in the Old Testament can be compared with slavery as we know it today.  Masters also does a service in pointing out New Testament principles that should lead us to abstain from alcohol as harmful, addictive, inebriating, and a poor testimony to the cause of Christ.  He also deals with most of the passages that anti-abstentionists claim permit and even encourage drinking by Christians.  Masters also believes that it cannot be shown conclusively that Jesus, the great High Priest of the greater tabernacle, ever drank fermented or intoxicating wine.  He holds the same for the apostles in their New Testament ministries, and that abstinence was a growing teaching that finally transitioned to a New Testament principle.  Interesting.

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