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Should Christians Drink?

I’m adding one more book to my already growing shelf of books on Bible wine and the Christian.  I admit unapologetically that I abstain from any use of alcoholic beverage.  I favor the two-wine theory of Bible wine, but I have no problem with the approach Masters and others take, that the wine in the […]

Worship in the Melting Pot

I had not read this 2002 book on worship by the pastor of Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle until this year.  I have heard Masters preach often at the Tabernacle so I can visualize the way he was talking about worship.  English worship is by nature different from American worship in incidental details.  Their worship is more […]

Stand for the Truth

This Sword & Trowel booklet is a 2009 reprint from a 1996 edition.  Masters calls for a Biblical separation from apostasy and from worldliness.  He uses the term “evangelical” to refer to those who are truly saved; have had an evangelical conversion experience.  He takes sharp issue with those who have called Roman Catholics ‘brethren,” […]

Heritage of Evidence in the British Muse...

Thanks to our missionary Russ Ivison for bringing this book to my attention.  Peter Masters has put together a book-guided tour of those parts of the British Museum that substantiate Biblical history.  The book contains pictures of various artifacts as well as diagrams of the lay-out of the museum’s halls.  Copies can be bought online […]

Worship in the Melting Pot

Dan Lucarini’s Reading List Editor’s Note:  My friendship with Dan Lucarini began after I read his book and arranged to have lunch with him in Denver.  Not only did I discover that we had much in common in our views of church music, I was immediately taken by Dan’s humility with what God has done […]