Presidents as Veterans

That many of our Presidents proudly served in the armed forces and most were significant leaders in the various causes they served. Men who love their country and are not ashamed of it are willing to fight for their country, for its principles, and understand the necessity of providing for the common defense. If you know a Veteran, take time to thank him or her for serving our country, and for willingly defending our freedoms. Remember that our current military is all voluntary! No one has been forced to serve; all take the oath to serve and defend the United States of America. This is also a time to remind the younger generation of the hard fought battles the United States has won over slavery, tyranny, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and now our current fight against terrorism. Writing to William Gordon during the Revolutionary War, General George Washington said, “We have abundant reason to thank Providence for His many favorable interpositions on our behalf. It has at times been my only dependence, for all other resources seemed to have failed us.” Pray for our men and women currently serving, that God may be their singular dependence.

Twelve Presidents who were Generals

Listed in chronological order


George Washington: General of the Armies/ Revolution.

Andrew Jackson: General /Revolution, 1812, Creek and Seminole Wars.

William Harrison: Major General/ War of 1812.

Zachary Taylor: Major General/ 1812, Mexican-American War, Black Hawk War, Seminole War; one of the longest serving Generals.

Franklin Pierce: Brigadier General/ Mexican-American War.

Andrew Johnson: Brigadier General/Civil War.

Ulysses Grant: General of the Army/Civil War, Mexican-American War.

Rutherford Hayes: Major General/Civil War.

James Garfield: Major General/Civil War

Chester Arthur: Brigadier General/ Civil War.

Benjamin Harrison: Brigadier General/ Civil War.

Dwight Eisenhower: General of the Army in WWII; also served in WWI as tank instructor at Fort Oglethorpe, GA.