Author: Fitzpatrick, Elyse M., Newheiser, Jim
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Parenting / Family

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

In reading on parenting and grandparenting I keep coming across authors I have not yet read. When I see that good people such as Tedd Tripp and Stuart Scott have endorsed the book, I figure it’s worth trying. This book by Jim Newheiser speaks directly to the topic of parents and their adult children, with the final chapter dealing with grandparents and their adult children. I found it very helpful. He works with topics such as how to deal with adult children living at home but seeking no job nor contributing to the family expenses; knowing when to insert yourself into your children’s family life; how to deal with sons-in-law and daughters-in-law who do not want you around; what is the limit on parental control over adult children, single or married; and many more.

Quotes from this book:

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