Author: Sproul, R.C.
Genre: Theology - Soteriology
Tags: Doctrine / Theology, Faith, Gospel, Grace, Modern Authors / Theological Issues

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This 1997 book by Sproul is a Calvinistic answer to Clark Pinnock, editor of a 1989 volume, The Grace of God, The Will of Man, a case for Arminianism.  Sproul points out that though both sides give assent to the freedom of man to choose, the underlying issue is whether prevenient grace from God enables the will to respond though in bondage (Calvinistic), or  whether the will can make a moral choice in order to receive grace from God (Aminian).  Contributors to Pinnock’s volume (which I reviewed in July) argue that the former is actually no freedom at all, while Sproul argues that such a latter view  is a late resurgence of Catholic and humanistic thought.

Quotes from this book:

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