Author: Haykin, Michael A.G.
Genre: Biography
Tags: Baptist / Baptists, Ministry / Leadership

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

I have found the writings of Andrew Fuller, the friend of William Carey, to be of great inspiration.  This is a collection of letters that he wrote over the course of his ministry.  I have included this brief summary of his salvation.

“I thought nothing about the exercises of my own mind, but merely of my guilty and lost condition and whether there were any hope of escape for me.  But having found rest for my soul in the cross of Christ, I was now conscious of my being the subject of repentance, faith, and love.  When I thought of my past life, I abhorred myself and repented as in dust and ashes; and when I thought of the gospel way of salvation, I drank it in, as cold water is imbibed by a thirsty soul.  My heart felt one with Christ and dead to every other object around me.  I had thought I had found the joys of salvation heretofore:  but now I knew I had found them and was conscious that I had passed from death unto life.”

Quotes from this book:

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