Author: Walvoord, John

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

As I finished preaching through the book of Philippians, having used a few different types of commentaries, I thought it appropriate to make a comment about Walvoord’s small commentary on the book.  I have loved using the older Dallas men (Walvoord, Ryrie, Pentecost, Toussaint, Unger) in commentary form because I can enjoy their pretribulational, premillennial, dispensational approach to the text.

Not that I don’t use commentaries from other points of view, or that I don’t work with the Greek myself, but since I am in the same theologically broad spectrum, I can readily apply these truths to my preaching.  Walvoord, long-time President of Dallas Theological Seminary, had a beautiful combination of scholarship and helpful application with the text.  He was outspoken about eschatology and unapologetic about godliness in the believer’s life.  I will always use and enjoy his theological books and his practical commentaries.

He ends his thoughts on Philippians with these words.  “The warmth of this epistle and its relevance to the intimate, spiritual conflicts of all ages, has made this letter of Paul timeless, not only because it is Scripture but because it relates so accurately to the spiritual needs of Christians in all circumstances of life.  Paul’s epistle to the Philippians is his epistle to the Church of Jesus Christ, a treasure-house of truth and a means by which a Christian not only can exalt Christ but also can find the deepest and richest experiences of triumphant walking with the Lord.”


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