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Philippians: Triumph in Christ

As I finished preaching through the book of Philippians, having used a few different types of commentaries, I thought it appropriate to make a comment about Walvoord’s small commentary on the book.  I have loved using the older Dallas men (Walvoord, Ryrie, Pentecost, Toussaint, Unger) in commentary form because I can enjoy their pretribulational, premillennial, […]

The Blessed Hope and the Tribulation

I read this 1976 book again.  The old Dallas Seminary of those days was so good at dispensationalism and eschatology.  Here Walvoord (President of Dallas at the time) critiques the 1973 postribulationalist book by Robert Gundry, The Church and the Tribulation.  Gundry had become popular as a premillennialist and mostly a dispensationalist.  So his postribulationalism […]

The Rapture Question

I recently reread this book on a Kindle version because I had loaned my hard copy out which never found its way home. I thoroughly enjoy Walvoord on the Second Coming especially on the rapture. This book contains a progress of thought on the rapture in the New Testament, an evaluation of the recent postribulational […]