Author: Beeke, Joel, Bogosh, Christopher
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Death

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Joel Beeke is a Reformed pastor and seminary president. Christopher Bogosh is a Reformed writer, a registered nurse, and founder of Good Samaritan Books. Therefore, a few comments on theology are from their Reformed point of view, but the greater bulk of the book is excellent on death and dying. Beeke adds many good quotations from the Puritans and Bogosh adds much medical explanation and advice. The chapter, “Dying Demystified: Facts about Death” is an explanation of what happens physically as the body dies. It also explains what “brain death” means, what a ventilator actually does, and also what happens on the cellular level when the body dies. A major theme in the book is that people, even Christians, try to avoid death at all costs, even inevitable death by illness, rather than look ahead to the moment when we see Christ. In this way Satan gets the victory over us with the fear of death. “This does not mean Christians should not seek medical treatment, but one needs to think carefully about his medical care in the context of a biblical worldview.”

Quotes from this book:

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