Author: Chinn, Carl
Genre: Culture

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

The man who is the head of our safety and security team attended a seminar and brought this book to me. This kind of information is always disconcerting to the average church. We don’t want to believe vicious attacks, even shootings and killings, could happen in our sanctuaries, but we know they do happen and all churches are potential targets. This has become more possible because most of us now live-stream our services and may be monitored by someone looking for things they consider to be hateful. This book, like many other good sources, gives advice for churches large and small. As a pastor of a small to medium-sized church, I think one suggestion the author gives is most usable. You may not be able to put together or man a large safety organization (and perhaps you don’t want that) but you already have other related needs that can incorporate safety and security into their watch-care. You probably have some way of protecting your offerings, your nursery, your parking lot. You may have a system for fire drills, tornado warnings, power outages, and other “safety” measures. The author simply suggests that you begin by adding someone to that list who will begin to think about and watch out for potential attacks. His part then is simply one part of an existing organization of people who are meeting occasionally for coordination. That ministry can grow from there as needed. The book also has further steps that can be taken as well as other resource material.

Quotes from this book:

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