Author: Zacharias, Ravi
Genre: Theology - Apologetics
Tags: Culture / Worldview, Evangelism / Outreach

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed his first two books, I ordered this 1996 book by Zacharias as soon as it came out.  Zacharias has become a well known lecturer on Atheism and American culture.  This book is a brief history of America’s change from a Christian-oriented nation to a pluralistic and secularistic nation.  The book is full of good quotes and illustrations on these things.

Following in the line of writers such as Francis Schaeffer, Zacharias warns that cultural expressions carry significant meaning to any generation.  He writes, “For those who thought that the frisking and frolicking Gaderene herd of sinister ideas from the sixties had been downed in the sea of the past, it is terribly daunting to hear of their sevenfold return to a house not properly cleansed.  But there is incontrovertible reason for this, and it must be addressed.”

Quotes from this book:

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