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Light in the Shadow of Jihad

Zacharias has been a helpful Christian author in the field of apologetics.  His cultural awareness is very astute and his method of argumentation is very helpful.  He is not a conservative, and perhaps not even a premillennialist (see p. 62), but, as a former Hindu, his insight into Islam and the Middle East is unique.  […]

Truth, Evangelism & the Postmodern Mind

This is a 3-tape series of messages presented at Trinity International University’s May 1998 conference “Telling the Truth: Evangelizing Postmoderns.” These messages are going to be part of a book coming out this year. You can buy the tapes through the Ravi Zacharias Ministries. Two tapes are by Zacharias and one is by Carson. Both […]

Deliver Us From Evil

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed his first two books, I ordered this 1996 book by Zacharias as soon as it came out.  Zacharias has become a well known lecturer on Atheism and American culture.  This book is a brief history of America’s change from a Christian-oriented nation to a pluralistic and secularistic nation.  The book […]