Author: Pickering, Ernest
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Church, Separation

Admin‘s Review:

In my estimation, this book, first published in 1979, should be one of the classics for those who hold any interest in biblical separation. On the other hand, I have not seen Pickering or this book referenced in any articles on biblical/church separation I have read lately.  Many of the same issues confronted by Pickering in the book are still true for separatists today, only more so.  Many of the perceptions about separatists are similar but more intense today.  And many of the cautions Pickering gives to those holding to a separatist position are certainly still valid.  Of course, this book would be anathema to most of the current ecumenical, seeker sensitive, purpose driven, and unity-first church growth movements.   I have gone through several experiences regarding  separation, both primary and secondary. This book helps one realize that biblical separation is a historical struggle within the church, one I fear we are losing in today’s modern church growth movement. Still a good read.

Reviewed by Don R. Shrader

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