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Five Views on Sanctification

Stanley Gundry is editor of this volume and the “Counterpoints” series.  This volume was first published in 1987 but continues to be relevant to any age.  The five views on sanctification are the Wesleyan, Reformed, Pentecostal, Keswick, and Augustinian-Dispensational perspectives.  John Walvoord wrote the dispensational perspective and gives the traditional point of view from that […]

Be Ye Holy

Fred Moritz wrote this book for BJU Press in 1994.  Moritz is also a graduate of Pillsbury Baptist Bible College under Monroe Parker, and Central Baptist Theological Seminary under Richard Clearwaters.  His proposition is that all of the believer’s actions stem from the holiness of God.  Specifically, Moritz writes about separation from a personal and […]

Can We Separate From Brethren?

Separation is a topic that will not go away.  It will be discussed by believers until God separates us all from the world at the rapture.  Since Baptists have been called Baptists, and along with several other independent groups, we have been dissenters.  In London we visit Bunhill Fields, “the dissenter’s graveyard.”  Here you find […]

The Christian and Amusements

Biederworlf was a well-know Presbyterian fundamentalist at the turn of the century.  He once headed the Winona Lake Bible Conference (1922) and taught at Winona Lake School of Theology (1922-33).  A study like this from a generation gone by (1907) is always a cultural reminder of how much the church has changed.  His three subjects […]

Biblical Separation

Regular Baptist Press has published a second edition of the late Dr. Ernest Pickering’s 1979 classic on separation.  The new edition has updated some of the language as well as the footnoting to today’s style and information usage.  Dr. Myron Houghton, senior professor and department chair of systematic theology at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, has […]

Threshold Seperation

The Biblical doctrine of separation is rooted in the very holiness of God and it is expressed in numerous texts in the Word of God.  Peter expressed it in his first epistle, As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: but as he which hath called you is holy, […]