Author: Moritz, Fred
Tags: Separation

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Fred Moritz wrote this book for BJU Press in 1994.  Moritz is also a graduate of Pillsbury Baptist Bible College under Monroe Parker, and Central Baptist Theological Seminary under Richard Clearwaters.  His proposition is that all of the believer’s actions stem from the holiness of God.  Specifically, Moritz writes about separation from a personal and ecclesiastical perspective and sees that both are rooted in the holiness of God.  He traces the origins of evangelicalism and new evangelicalism and shows where he disagrees as a fundamentalist.  He also says often that separation is not an end in itself, that separation must not be divorced from evangelism.  Having read many books like this, I think Moritz does a commendable job of arguing for separation with a fair and kind spirit and yet a militant firmness.  There is good historical and etymological study of Hebrew and Greek words for “holy.”

Quotes from this book:

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