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Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews

One of the joys of preaching every week is the constant reading of commentaries. In preaching a message from each chapter of Hebrews for the new year, I determined to read English’s entire text on this great New Testament book. E. Schuyler English (1900-1981) was chairman of the Committee of Revision for the New Scofield […]

The Cross and Christian Ministry

Carson’s expositions on First and Second Corinthians have been a blessing to me.  These come in a series of smaller volumes from Baker Books.  The title of this volume interested me and I found it an encouraging read as well as an instructive lesson on the first half of First Corinthians.  Carson often paints a […]

Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews

Most are familiar with English’s work, Re-Thinking The Rapture, but may not be aware of his great commentary on the book of Hebrews.  This was first printed in 1955 by Loizeaux Brothers.  This is a detailed work similar to William Newell and is trustworthy in matters of types, covenants, and law vs. grace.

Lectures on First and Second Peter

We all use commentaries and they are not the usual material for book reviews.  However, having just preached through the book of First Peter and having used this reprinted book (Klock & Klock) throughout, I felt compelled to give old John Lillie my thanks.  A Scotchman from the University of Edinburgh, Lillie was pastor of […]

Paul and the Intellectuals

It has been years since I preached through the book of  Colossians and therefore years since I read through Robertson’s great commentary on that book.  In preaching though Colossians this summer, I have reread this book with great appreciation.  These individual commentaries are much more satisfying than his Word Pictures (which can be very helpful […]

Types In Hebrews

Have any Christian ministers of the twentieth century not profited from the writings of Sir Robert Anderson?  Knighted by Queen Victoria in 1901, head of Scotland Yard, yet preaching since the age of 19, Anderson ought to be read.

Purifying the Church

Ministry Books I thought Donald Whitney on Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church was great on local church life.  Today’s Gospel by Walter Chantry was a Calvinistic criticism of today’s gospel-light.  Stuart Briscoe on Purifying The Church is his commentary on Titus and has good applications for teaching and preaching.  Quiet Talks on Power by S.D. Gordon was one of those challenging books that […]

Westminster Dictionary of Theological Te...

The comparison of these two theological dictionaries provides interesting reading. Both were published in 1996, one from Westminster John Knox Press, the other from Kregel. The Westminster Dictionary is much more of an alphabetical listing of terms. Interesting ones are: Baptismal vows: “The promises made by parents for a child at the time of infant […]

A Handbook of Contemporary Theology

Dr. Smith, a Southern Baptist seminary professor and former pastor, wrote this book as a textbook for his course on contemporary theology. It was a necessity as there were few, if any, texts available on the subject. As he notes in the Preface, “Contemporary does not last a very long time.” Overall, it is an […]