Author: Lillie, John
Genre: Commentaries
Tags: Doctrine / Theology

We all use commentaries and they are not the usual material for book reviews.  However, having just preached through the book of First Peter and having used this reprinted book (Klock & Klock) throughout, I felt compelled to give old John Lillie my thanks.  A Scotchman from the University of Edinburgh, Lillie was pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kingston, NY most of his life.  He is also known for translating 1 & 2 Thessalonians in Lange’s Commentary.   An added bonus is the Preface written by well-known church historian, Philip Schaff.  Schaff writes, “Here, in a day of many and wide deflections from ‘the old paths,’ is the voice of a trumpet giving no uncertain sound, to summon the scattered hosts back to ‘the good way.’”  I profited greatly from both scholarship and practicality.

Quotes from this book:

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