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The Triumph of the Crucified

This companion book to Dawn of World Redemption (also 1951) takes the history of redemption from the first coming of Christ, through the age of the Church, to the world system of the antichrist, and then to the literal millennial kingdom of God on earth.  The order of resurrections is given in detail followed by […]

The Dawn of World Redemption

This first book (1951) concentrates on the beginning of creation and Old Testament history leading up to the first coming of Christ.  This reveals his belief in a form of gap theory which runs throughout his books but does not affect his general orthodoxy.  His dispensational plan includes seven dispensations but his actual lists may […]

From Eternity to Eternity

This third book was first published in 1954.  It includes Sauer’s dispensational chart which is a large fold-out chart glued in the back of the book.  On this chart the rapture is pictured as pre-tribulational.  Sauer scans the entire Biblical history and then, at great length, answers thirteen objections to the literal nature of the […]