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Preparing Children for Marriage

Mulvihill has written a lot on grandparenting and parenting. This is a new addition to his list of subjects in that genre, but a welcome addition for young parents. The book is divided into four parts: 1) Getting Started; which is starting your children out very young understanding biblical principles of relationships. 2) Marriage; seven […]

Discipling Your Grandchildren

This is a 2020 book by Josh Mulvihill, the fourth one that I’ve read. It is a departure from the first three in that it is a book of  “how-to-do-its” for grandparents. Mulvihill usually writes on biblical topics related to grandparenting. However, discipling our grandchildren is important and can be overwhelming for many. I will […]

Biblical Grandparenting

Josh Mulvihill wrote his PhD on this subject for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and then published this book in 2018 (Bethany House).  It is a much needed book on an important topic.  He writes in the first chapter, “There are millions of Christian Grandparents in America today with few resources to equip them to accomplish […]