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The Soul in Cyber-Space

I have always enjoyed Groothuis in the area of apologetics and contemporary issues.  This 1997 Baker book is a must for all who have to travel in computer worlds.  As many such writers, Groothuis rehearses the decline in rational thinking from reading and digesting words in books to listening without seeing words on radio to […]

Jesus in an Age of Controversy

This is the third book I have read by Groothuis and I have enjoyed and profited from each one.  This is a much needed update on current Christological apologetics.  He covers the Jesus Seminar, the new Gnosticism, the so-called Eastern travels of Jesus’ silent years and the resultant new spirituality, and the identification by some […]

Deceived by the Light

This is a response to Betty Eadie’s best-selling book Embraced by the Light, a supposed near death experience that has generated new interest in such things. Groothuis says, ‘‘Not all spiritual experiences are safe or dependable. Spiritual deception is far from rare. If we do not discern and reject deceptive claims to the truth, we […]

Christianity That Counts

This was my first book by Groothuis, an associate professor of philosophy and religion at Denver Seminary.  He has written three other books, all of which deal with the New Age movement.   He writes, “My hope is that these essays and reviews, written over the last ten or so years, will equip the reader to […]