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DeBruyn is pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN and the author  of a few other books which I have enjoyed.  This book is both a critique of the popular book  The Shack, and an evaluation of popular new spirituality theories.  The subtitle of the book is, “Breaking away from seductive spirituality, ‘As […]

Drumming Up Deception

My second read by pastor DeBruyn was as good as the first (See my review of Church on the Rise in the January ‘08 edition).  This smaller booklet is a quicker and more to the point study of the effect of drumming in rock music.  Drumming, of course, has become the center piece on most […]

Church on the Rise

As a pastor I am always looking for good and accurate information about those things which are present dangers to the church.  Sometimes the truth is brought to light by contrasting it with error.  Pastor DeBruyn (Th.M., Dallas) has added valuable light to the already growing stack of books on the contemporary church.  The sub-title, […]