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The Acceptable Sacrifice: The Excellency...

This book by Bunyan is profitable to the modern reader because it deals with a universal and lasting problem:  that of the human heart.  Bunyan saw the need and advantage of a broken heart for the believer, and a necessity for the unbeliever.  I will let Bunyan speak for himself here.  “There has, indeed, at […]

Of Antichrist and His Ruin

We may not think anything of John Bunyan other than his wonderful Pilgrim’s Progress and even with that we would be miles ahead of those who don’t know him.  Yet I have found that his other books open a door to Bunyan that I did not know even from reading his great allegory.  Bunyan was […]

Advice To Sufferers

Having read as much of Bunyan that I could, including The Pilgrim’s Progress several times, I have to rate this lesser known treatise at least second to the great classic. The editor of the reprinted edition writes, “This valuable treatise was first published in a pocket volume in 1684, and has only been reprinted in […]

The Pilgrim’s Progress

How many years has it been since you first read this classic book?  I decided it had been too long for me and when I acquired a used Kindle with this book already on it, I read it that way.  I must say that I again enjoyed it thoroughly and was challenged by its illustrations.  […]

The Holy War

John Bunyan was first imprisoned in 1660 for twelve years in the county jail during the reign of King Charles II, the grandson of King James.  After a short release he was imprisoned again for a brief time in the city gaol on the river bridge.  During these years Bunyan was writing and planning five […]

Water of Life

This small book is forwarded by Charles Spurgeon and reprinted in America by Gospel Publishers in MT.  I found this copy in a used book store.  Listen to Bunyan on the abuses of grace:  “Alas! What can be expected of him that has nothing in him to teach him to manage that knowledge of grace […]

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

This autobiographical sketch of Bunyan’s conversion and call to the ministry reads as if he were a character in his own Pilgrim’s Progress.  His intense struggle to come to salvation is mostly foreign to us in a day of easy believism.  But no convert to Christ could not identify with the relief and joy that […]