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A New Call to Holiness (a second read)

I first reviewed this book in 1997.  I have always liked Baxter.  I’ve even been to his former church in Edinburgh.  As I pointed out in my earlier review, Baxter refutes the holiness teaching of the eradication of the old nature and therefore the believer always having only one nature, either sinful or holy.  He […]

Our High Calling

I finally got around to the third book by Baxter on Christian holiness.  I have liked his definitions of sanctification and holiness as a remedy for a  disease that lies within each of us, an infection that was inherited from Adam.  We can be healthy or we can be unhealthy, but we always live with […]

His Deeper Work In Us

This is the second in a trilogy of books by Baxter that I am reading this year.  As I wrote in the first review (Feb.), I find Baxter an interesting middle ground on Holiness teaching.  He does believe that a Christian should come to a crisis experience in life but he does not believe in […]

A New Call To Holiness

I have always enjoyed reading J. Sidlow Baxter. He is a middle ground between Reformed and Pentecostal views of holiness.  He argues at length against the eradication view of the old nature, but believes that true holiness is really attainable by the person we really are. He writes, “Before all else, even before orthodox dogma, […]

Rethinking Our Priorities

Once in a while we stumble onto an older book and ask ourselves, ‘‘How did I ever get by without reading that before?’’ Such is the case with this old but timely book. Written in 1974, Dr. Baxter evaluates American Fundamental and Evangelical churches from a Britisher’s point of view. He writes also from our […]