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Katherine (Kate) Hankey

I Love to Tell the Story and Tell Me the Old, Old Story Katherine (Kate) Hankey (1834-1911)   Katherine (Kate) Hankey was born into the family of a wealthy London banker in 1834.  It is not known today of how or when Kate was saved, but her family was active in the influential group known […]

Lydia Odell Baxter

“Take the Name of Jesus With You” or “Precious Name” Lydia Odell Baxter 1809 – 1874   Lydia was born in Petersburg, New York, September 2,1809, to Jonathan and Mary Odell.  As young ladies, Lydia and her sister came to Christ through the preaching of Baptist Home Missionary Ebenezer Tucker.  After their salvation, the sisters […]

Robert Robinson

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing Robert Robinson   Born in England, September 27, 1735, Robert Robinson began his early education in an endowed grammar school which included the study of Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Literature.  When his father died, he was apprenticed to a barber in London but he pursued his study of the […]

Benjamin Keach

Pastor Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) If ancient church records can be believed, Baptists have not always enjoyed singing in church, especially those songs of “human composure.”  But is was a Baptist pastor who is considered to be the leader in establishing the idea of congregational singing versus the established Metrical Psalm singing that was currently in […]

In Hymns and Songs

The first hymn book and hymn writers in America were from England.  The hymn book which landed with the Pilgrims in 1620 was Reverend Henry Ainsworth’s version of the Book of Psalms entitled The Book of Psalms: Englished both in Prose and Metre with Annotations, published in 1612 at Amsterdam.  It is considered by many […]

Singing and Making Music

If music were truly neutral, I would expect the drug addict to listen to Amazing Grace as often as Def Leppard. The un-regenerated chooses Def Leppard because it has relevance for him. Experience tells me that the drug addict will choose music that validates his culture over that which contradicts. In this newer book (published […]

Great Hymns of the Faith

I love this hymn book. I know that may reveal my personal taste in church music and the era from which I love to sing, but I find a great respect for the gospel hymns written especially in the late 1700s and through the 1800s. Let me add, however, that no one will ever exceed […]

The Wages of Spin

I have read and enjoyed another Carl Trueman book. As a professor at Westminster, Trueman is a Reformed theologian and historian. However, almost all the books I’ve read by him are directed more at cultural issues and only slightly affected by his theology. In this book are two sections examining two Reformed theologians, J. Gresham […]

Worship and Culture

In the twenty years that I have been writing Aletheia articles, perhaps nothing has been written about more than worship and culture.  Worship has become the description of how we “do church,” and culture has become what we are, not what we should strive to become.  Ravi Zacharias wrote, “Culture has become like a dress […]