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Saving Faith

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 1996 issue of The Baptist Preacher under the title, “Why are there pious pretenders in the pews?” In exalting faith, we are not immediately putting ourselves in contradiction to modern thought. Indeed faith is being exalted very high today by men of the most modern type. But what […]

Absolutely Free

Written in 1989, this book has been the declaration voice of the Free Grace Movement.  At that time Hodges was the long-time professor of New Testament Greek at Dallas Seminary.  Since his departure from that seminary he has been influential in founding and writing for the Grace Evangelical Society (GES) which advocates the Free Grace […]

The Nicolaitans Today

The job of doing Bible exposition not only involves interpretation (finding what the passage means) and illustration (highlighting the meaning with real life situations) but also application (exhortations to action based on the truths found in the text).  The application of a text can easily be ignored because this is the harder thing to do.  […]

Repent Or Else!

Although I have read a lot of Havner lately, the reason for buying and reading this book is because I have been reading some things on revival.  This is Havner’s commentary on the letters to the seven churches of Revelation.  In those letters, the Lord repeats the admonition to the churches: “Repent or Else.”  Havner, […]

When A Christian Sins

I love to read these practical books from past but recent Christian leaders (written in 1954).  I think great preachers preach even in their writings.  This is a one-evening read that will encourage you for days to come.  Rice was one of those independent evangelists whose orthodoxy and scholarship made him acceptable to all.  Yet […]