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Dancing and the Local Church

by Stephen R. Button This article is reprinted by permission from the October, 2003 issue of The Baptist Bulletin, the official organ of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, published by Regular Baptist Press. For subscription information, visit The Baptist Bulletin web site, or e-mail at What’s wrong with dancing?  Why not use […]

Stand for the Truth

This Sword & Trowel booklet is a 2009 reprint from a 1996 edition.  Masters calls for a Biblical separation from apostasy and from worldliness.  He uses the term “evangelical” to refer to those who are truly saved; have had an evangelical conversion experience.  He takes sharp issue with those who have called Roman Catholics ‘brethren,” […]

How Relevant is Relevancy?

For a generation now the church has been concerned about whether or not the world is listening to our message.  Books and articles continue to bemoan our plight of a decreasing effectiveness in evangelism and church attendance.  This has caused many to make drastic changes to the methodology and polity of the church.  But even […]

Who Stole My Church?

The sub-title is, “What to do when the church I love tries to enter the twenty-first century.”  Though you may think this book is defending the traditional church in the face of contemporary changes, it is not.  It is rather defending the contemporary church by making a caricature of conservative churches.   MacDonald creates a hypothetical […]

Church on the Rise

As a pastor I am always looking for good and accurate information about those things which are present dangers to the church.  Sometimes the truth is brought to light by contrasting it with error.  Pastor DeBruyn (Th.M., Dallas) has added valuable light to the already growing stack of books on the contemporary church.  The sub-title, […]

The Emerging Church Phenomenon

We have been studying Postmodernism for twenty years.  Christian writers and non-Christian writers alike sounded a note of alarm at what the effects of this cultural paradigm shift would be upon the Church.  In 1996, James White proposed, “Now a new tidal wave, called by the scholars postmodernity, is sweeping across Western thought, undermining the […]

The Work God Blesses

Oswald Jeffery Smith was born November 8, 1889 in Ontario Canada.  He lived until January 25, 1986.  As a boy his mother sent him to Toronto to hear R.A. Torrey preach and he went forward and was saved.  After spending his early days in evangelism, he started a church in 1934 that came to be […]

Those Vision Statements

Using the word “vision” these days is like Mother Hubbard’s dress, it covered everything and touched nothing.  But once a certain tool becomes popular, everyone has to have one.  In fact, these days if you don’t have a vision statement for what you are doing, you are surely a failure, a follower, or at best […]