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Billy Graham’s Passing

Billy Graham was an evangelical evangelist who preached the gospel and saw many thousands of people come to Christ through his ministry.  Though I have not been a supporter of his new-evangelical ecumenicalism, I have always been thankful for many things about his life and ministry.  It will be interesting to see how America today […]

Christianity and Liberalsim

I reread this classic work on a Kindle version.  Machen first wrote this book in 1921 when his Presbyterian church was experiencing encroaching liberalism.  It was first published in The Princeton Theological Review and was later put in book form.  The book simply moves through the subjects of man, sin, God, Scripture, Salvation, and the […]

There is One God

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5) This is such an age of conformity, unanimity, and ecumenical oneness that we can hardly speak of God except in all-inclusive terms.  If one were to express that he believes his God to be the only real […]

Breaking Down the Walls…And the Gospel

The subversive work of “Evangelical Inclusivism” Raymond Teachout is the son of Richard Teachout, Robert’s brother.  They are children of Dick and Oril Teachout, long-time missionaries in Africa.  Raymond wrote this book in 1999 and I am sorry that I hadn’t known of it sooner.  There is still a lot of literature explaining the ecumenical […]

Stand for the Truth

This Sword & Trowel booklet is a 2009 reprint from a 1996 edition.  Masters calls for a Biblical separation from apostasy and from worldliness.  He uses the term “evangelical” to refer to those who are truly saved; have had an evangelical conversion experience.  He takes sharp issue with those who have called Roman Catholics ‘brethren,” […]

Biblical Separation

Regular Baptist Press has published a second edition of the late Dr. Ernest Pickering’s 1979 classic on separation.  The new edition has updated some of the language as well as the footnoting to today’s style and information usage.  Dr. Myron Houghton, senior professor and department chair of systematic theology at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, has […]

Redefining Christianity

I had not read Bob DeWaay before this book.  My friend Gary Gilley writes the Forward and can be counted on to give good recommendations.  The book is a pointed critique of Rick Warren’s  Purpose Driven movement.  Unless you are already a Warren fan, you can’t help but agree with most of what DeWaay writes, […]

Guess What Has Not Changed?

Perhaps the most difficult problem in dealing with a postmodern culture is defining our terms.  I doubt that a generation has ever been so flexible with language as this one.  One hundred years ago W.H. Griffith Thomas, combating German Rationalism, said, “We cannot in any degree be sure of the thought unless we can be […]