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John MacArthur

“A few years ago someone suggested that we were living in post-Christian America.  Although it struggles to deserve a nominal Christian label, today it is more like sub-Christian America.” John MacArthur, Alone with God, p. 65.

John Newton

[A believer] “loves the Lord’s people, accounts them the excellent of the earth, and delights in their conversation.  He is longing, waiting, and praying, for a share in those blessings which he believes they enjoy, and can be satisfied with nothing less.” John Newton, Letters of John Newton, p. 15

Christianity and Liberalsim

I reread this classic work on a Kindle version.  Machen first wrote this book in 1921 when his Presbyterian church was experiencing encroaching liberalism.  It was first published in The Princeton Theological Review and was later put in book form.  The book simply moves through the subjects of man, sin, God, Scripture, Salvation, and the […]