Author: Spurgeon, Charles H.
Genre: Theology - General
Tags: Baptist / Baptists, Separation

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a relatively small booklet which is a collection of the monthly articles Spurgeon wrote in The Sword and Trowel during this controversy including one related sermon.  The Baptist Union was being infiltrated by German Rationalistic thinking especially in its denial of the authority of Scripture.  Spurgeon was among the first to recognize the doctrinal error and was willing from the first to leave the Union rather than to stay within and live with the compromise.  This is not to say he made no attempt at correction of the error or reconciliation of his brethren, but compromise with doctrinal error was not an option for Spurgeon.  This episode cost him much both in friends, finances and especially in health.  But what would such a life be if it had not stood true to the principles in the end, that it had preached for a generation?

Quotes from this book:

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