Author: Sample, Steven B.
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: Church, Ministry / Leadership, Values / Manners / Morals

Terry Conley‘s Review:

Church leaders are so quick to pick up on ideas from the business world but just on the cute phrases and gimmicks.  They seem to have fallen in love with Collins’ ideas of putting people off the bus and offering to help them move to another that better suits their needs versus really being a Pastor to the flock God has given them.  If they really want to operate with a business model, I would recommend that they read Steven  Sample.  He pushes the idea of great leaders, and people in general, needing to know where and what their adamantine core is.  They need to identify where their ethical convictions begin to diverge from pure, cold self-interest.  He believes that the most important question a person can ask and answer is: How do you feel about God?   As President of University of Southern California, he evidently asked that question of his graduates as they got ready to enter the world.  He believed that the answer to that question would help them understand the choices they would be making.  From my perspective, there are a lot of Church leaders around today who really need to re-consider that same question.

Quotes from this book:

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